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251 houses to be given to landless people in the Welfare Centres: the District Secretary, Jaffna

The government is to give lands and 254 houses to landless people in the Welfare Centers, the District Secretary, Jaffna, N.Vethanayagan, said yesterday.

Elaborating further in the context of lands being released Vali – North people are resettling in stages. But there are several families staying in welfare centers without own lands.

They were unable to resettle for lack of own lands. The government is giving lands and houses to those who do not own any lands. Thus 104 families were given houses.

100 houses are being built by the Army, in the 160 acre obtained from the Cement Corporation as the first stage. This construction will be completed by next month.

In the next stage, 251 houses will be built for the landless people there. Further, we  are trying to identify state lands within the released areas to be given to landless people.

Currently 1,029 families are living in welfare centers and around 6oo of them are landless. Vigorous action is taken to settle these people as soon as possible he said.