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News Bits

  • National Government is an attempt bend SLFP to the agenda of UNP:Vimal Veerawansa
  • The UPFA dissolved by the exit of SLFP, and MEP (Dinesh), NFF (Vimal), DLF ( Vasu),  PHU(Gammanpila) left in the lurch.
  •  Anurakumara should resign his post as leader of JVP:Somawansa Amara singhe.
  •  SLTB files case against Mahindha   claiming 142 million for use of buses during presidential election.
  • Mahindha phoned Maithri 11 times asking to save his family members from investigation.
  •  The election was not held fairly:Mahindha Faction.
  •  No elections for 5 years:Champika Ranawakka.