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260 TB patients identified in Jaffna within the Last 8 months, says Dr. Yamunanantha

Deputy Director of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, S.Yamunanantha said yesterday that 260 TB patients had been identified  in Jaffna District within the last 8 months

He said this while expressing his opinion on the TB situation in the District.

Elaborating further he said that up to August this year, 260 TB patients had been identified and treated. After the Corona problem the number of patients with cough symptoms  reporting at the hospital have dropped, he said.

More than 50 TB patients are remaining to be identified. The awareness about this should be given to them.

Testing facilities for TB patients has been made available in the OPD of the Teaching Hospital.

The PCR instrument which was brought to identify Corona could be used to identify TB. This facility is available at the laboratory at Pannai. If the PCR instruments are used to identify TB Islandwide, TB could be identified and eradicated soon.

After Corona, either the patients are not coming to the hospital or the face masks used for Corona have reduced the TB inspection, he said.