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3 persons entering house in Athai in Alwai saying ‘CID’, caught by the people, handed over to police

People in Alwai caught three of the persons who tried to enter and rob a house in Athai, Alwai in the guise of being from the CID and  inquiring the inmates, yesterday and handed them over to the Nelliyaddy Police.

Some persons who had gone into a house in Athai, Alwai, at around 2.00 a.m., showing an Identity Card and saying that they from the CID and want inquire the inmates.

However the inmates after seeing that the persons were carrying swords had informed their relatives through mobiles.

When the neighbours converged on the house, two of the robbers with swords had escaped while three of them were caught by the people. They are from Alwai, Illavalai and Puloly south, the police said.They were handed over to the Nelliyady police. An Identity Card in Sinhala only, issued by the Kattunayaka AirPort was recovered from the person from Illavalai.

Nelliyady Police are proceeding with further inquiries.