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3 TPPs appear in Vavuniya High Court charged with murder of 15 soldiers

Three TPPs who have been arrested for allegedly murdering 15 soldiers in captivity of LTTE were produced yesterday in the Vavuniya High Court.

The 3 TPPs brought from Anuradhapura prison and produced before the Vavuniya High Court, said the cases against them were fabricated and they have their faith on the Judiciary and expect good judgment from the courts.

Mathiyarasan Sulaksan and Ganeshan Tharsan were arrested from Anuradhapura under PTA in 2009, and detained to date at Anuradhapura Prison. Rasathurai Thiruvarul was added to the Accused list through an amended Charge Sheet in 2017.

While their case was in progress at Vavuniya, it was transferred to Anuradhapura Courts in the guise of security to Witnesses.

It is notable that the TPPs had to go into fasting protest to transfer the case again to Vavuniya.

The case is to continue today as an another amended Charge sheet was filed yesterday.