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300,401 UXOs recovered from residences of resettled people in Kilinochchi

More than 400,000 unexploded ordnance were recovered in lands on which people were resettled in Kilinochchi, said the Mines Activities Secretariat of the Kilinochchi District Secretariat.

It is further learnt that, The UXOs were removed from identified residential lands to facilitate resettlement in them and people were allowed to settle in them.

Muhamalai is the most dangerous area and a location where comparatively most number of mines had been laid. Currently, only around 11 square Kilometer area is yet to be demined.

The demining work was commenced after identifying the areas from Kilaly to Nagarkovil being identified as the most dangerous areas. The above said UXOs were recovered from identified areas in four DS Divisions of Karaichchi, Kandawalai, Poonakary and Pachchilaipalli by humanitarian de-mining Organizations.

During the period from 2009, when the resettlement of people commenced to 31st December 2016, 107,270 mines , 505 very powerful Anti-Armour bombs, 208,626 live shells, hand grenades and rifle ammunitions, totally 300,401 UXOs had been removed from the area.