Tamil Diplomat

31 TPPs released on bail

Thirty one Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs)  were released by Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya today on bail conditions.

The suspects were released on bail following the receiving of approval from the Attorney General.

The prisoners were earlier today, further remanded till November 24 by the court as there were no instructions from the Attorney General’s Department. Nevertheless, the AG Department had instructed the detainees be released.

 The suspects with ‘bailable offenses’ will only be released, Commissioner Pushpakumara told media.  Applications will also be filed for the release of another batch of 32 suspects later, Pushpakumara added.

Yesterday, the Northern Provincial Council CM, C.V.Wigneswaran had criticised the act of the Government in releasing the TPPs in stages as a technique to split the TPPs and disintegrate their unified struggle.

It gives us much sorrow to see our people tapping on all sorts of doors seeking the release of their kins. They  showed one face, while releasing  JVPers and another face when it comes to TPPs. The

However, the expectation of the NPC is that the TPPs should be released without conditions, said the CM.

Meanwhile, the Fast unto death undertaken by the TPPs,  recommenced after the failure of the government to fulfill the Nov. 7thdeadline to release them, entered the 4th  day today.

One the TPPs fainted yesterday and admitted to hospital, said the prison sources. Although his details are not revealed, it was learnt that this TPP is in the prison for more than 10 years. The TPPs are in a weakened state, the same sources said.