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4 Wards annexed to Vavuniya North despite requests to the contrary

Despite the requests to annex the 4 wards annexed to Vavuniya North back to Manalaru (Weli oya) the 4 wards have been again annexed to Vavuniya North. This has been done despite a resolution passed in NPC and written submissions made by P.Sathiyalingam, MPc.

17 colonies in close proximity to Kalabogaswewa have no land connection with the Vavuniya North  Divisional Secretariat. During the last LG elections 4 ward including these 17 villages were annexed to the Vavuniya North Pradeshiya Sabai. The people of these villages are obtaining their Division Secretariat services from the Weli Oya Divisional Secretariat. In the Voters lists for 2017, their names had been included in the lists for the traditional Tamil Villages of Vedyvaithakallu and Paddikudiyiruppu which are coming under Vavuniya North  Divisional Secretariat.

These people are obtaining their health services from Mullaitheevu District and Vavuniya South Sinhala division. Their Electricity and Telecommunication facilities from Anuradhapura district.

Neither the decision of the NPC nor his submission has been taken into consideration and the 4 wards had been annexed to the Vavuniya North Division, said Sathiyalingam, MPc.