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40 Kgs. Ganja packs recovered in Mannar

Mannar police said that on a tip-off received by them they had searched Mannar to Colombo bound private and arrested a person with 2 Kgs. Ganja in his possession. Following inquiries made from arrested person further 38 Kgs. of Ganja were captured from the house of the suspect.

On a tip-off received by the Anti-drugs squad, of the Mannar Police an ambush was laid on the 20th Monday night at 11’o clock in the night. On a search conducted on a private bus travelling from Pesalai to Colombo, 2 Kgs of Ganja were captured from a person travelling in that bus. Further inquiries on the arrested person, yielded 38 kgs. from the house of the suspect.

The captured Ganja lot has a street value of   4Million rupees.The Mannar police said the suspect will be produced in court at the end of the inquiries.