Tuesday 19 November 2019
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400,000 Kgs.Papaw exported monthly from Vavuniya

400,000 Kgs.Papaw  exported monthly from Vavuniya

Around 400,000 kgs papaw are exported monthly by the Vavuniya North Fruit Producers Cooperative Society, said the President of the Society.

Large number of people are engaged in Pappaw cultivation and hence the price of papaw has fallen down.

We have been affected economically. One kilo of papaw is purchased at prices between   8/= to 10/= per kilo. We are unable to market our fruits the famers expressed concern.

When the President of the Farmers society, he said that there is no change in their purchasing price. We are buying at Rs.30/=. We are providing instruction to cultivators on producing the fruits suitable for export. The fruits for export should be around 2.5 Kgs. But some farmers side use excessive fertilizer and increase the weight of fruits to 5 kgs. The fruits should be without scratches and not dried.

Those farmers who are cultivating around ¼ acre are earning around Rs. 40,000/= by giving fruits for export. We have to supply 400,000 Kgs to the buyers with whom we have made contract. But we are unable to meet the demand because the production is inadequate.

When our instructions are adhered to, all cultivators could benefit he said.

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