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41,746 Northern voters removed from voters list

The Department of Elections circles said yesterday that 41,746 voters included in the Northern Province voters list last year are being removed from the voters list.

The activities for the preparation of voters list for the current year are in progress. Application forms for registering as voters were distributed and completed by Grama Officers and received back.

On the basis of these forms details of new voters included in the voters and the voters included in the last year’s voters list and deleted this year had been prepared. The details are shown below:

District Voters added to

2016 voters list

Voters removed from

2016 voters list

Jaffna 30,608 22,286
Kilinochchi 11,813   2,691
Jaffna Electoral District 42,421 24,977
Mullaitheevu 11,146 6,713
Mannar   5,928 4,264
Vavuniya   8,325 5,792
Vanni Electoral District 25,399 16,769

List of  voters removed (List A) and List of newly added (List B) will be exhibited at District Election Secretariat, Divisional Secretariat, Grama Officers offices and Local Government bodies up to 28th of this month. Objections could be submitted in prescribed form. This will be the ultimate chance to get registered as a voter.