Monday 18 June 2018
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4th Day of Muliwaikkal Commemoration, held at the memorial to “Kumuthini” victims

4th Day of Muliwaikkal Commemoration, held at the memorial to “Kumuthini” victims

The memorial tower for the victims of Kumuthini Murders in Neduntheevu was the venue for the 4th day of the Muliwaikkal Commemoration week and 32nd Anniversary  of the Kumuthiny massacres  in which 36 people, from a dedicated school Principal to a feeding baby were clubbed and hacked to death by sanguinary ogres in uniform.

The week from May 12th to May 18th had been declared as the Muliwaikkal Commemoration week in remembrance of people killed at Muliwaikkal during the height of the final war at Muliwaikkal  and before it. Each day of the week is observed at the sites or their memorials under the organization of M.K.Sivajilingam, MPc.

1st day was observed at Chemmany the site of cruel massacres during the rule of former president, Chandrika Bandaranayake on the 12th .

2nd day was held at Urany and Mirusuvil, 3rd at Vaddukkoadai, Navaly and Manipay.

4th days observation were held along with the 32 anniversary of the Kumuthiny massacre, at the Memorial for Kumuthiny victims in Neduntheevu yesterday.

In memory of these incidents, the service of Kumuthiny was suspended yesterday and black flags were flown on that boat. Later the commemoration event was inaugurated by MP, S.Sritharan and MPc, Sivajilingam. Memorial speeches were delivered by MPCs Vinthan Kanagaratnam, P.Kajatheeban and Pasupathypillai.

People of Neduntheevu paid their floral tributes and a volume of poems was also published.

It is notable that the 5th day observation will be held in the East.

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