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5 ½ Kgs. Ganja hidden in the house captured: One arrested at Thirumurukandy

Police had arrested a person who was in possession of 5 ½ Kgs. Ganja  in Inthupuram in Mankulam Police division.

Rounding up a house in 154 mile post area, the police captured 5Kgs. 650 gms. Kerala Ganja, and arrested a person.

On a tip off  received by the Mankulam  police, a police Team under the guidance of OIC, Mankulam Police, Malin Perera and led by SI, Ratnasiri undertook a raid and the said Ganja was captured in the raid.

The ganja is now placed in the Mankulam Police and the suspect is under interrogation. At the end of the inquiries, the suspect and the captured Ganja will pe produced in the court the police said.