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5 things you need to tell the stylist before a haircut

Whenever you sit for a haircut, you need to the following things to the stylist to get the best haircut.

Tell them about your lifestyle 
Explain to the stylist about what you wear, how you commute to work, how you tie your hair—these inputs will help them to suggest a suitable hairstyle.

Don’t be fussy about the length of the hair
You can always prefer a certain length. At the same time, if the stylist suggests that some more length needs to be chop off to get the right style, you should not get antsy about the length of the hair.

Let the stylist talk

When you sit for a hairstyle discussion you just don’t dictate everything. Give some room for the stylist to tell his ideas.

Know your pluses 
Pick the hairstyle that suits your face and texture of the hair so that they can get a clear idea. You can tell them how you maintain your hair so that the expert can suggest you a better hair care regime.

Avoid dilemma
If the stylist suggests some new look and if you have apprehensions, you can very well say ‘no’. Do not agree to a new style in a trice and regret later.