Thursday 6 August 2020
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5 years jail term to 2 TPPs on the basis of their Confessions

5 years jail term to 2 TPPs on the basis of their Confessions

The Anuradhapura Courts has sentenced 2 TPPs who were detained in the Anuradhapura Prison 5 years jail term each, on the basis of their confessions.

In an aerial attack on 30th March 2000 made from Wilpattu Sanctuary, 35 Army men were killed.

Nallan Sivalingam (aged 42 years) and Rasathurai Jegan (aged 38 years) were arrested in 2009, accused of having links with the above attack. After inquiries cases were filed on them in 2013.

In a context where the case was continued from that date to this year and in the absence of any other evidence, they have been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment solely based on their confessions.

When the accused submitted news item showing an announcement by the spokesman of TNA, Sumanthiran that they will be released after rehabilitation, the court said that no such orders had been received from Attorney General.

The relatives of the TPPs say that the TPPs made their confessions on the basis of the above announcement but they have been sentenced.

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