Wednesday 30 September 2020
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5,300 acre in the control of Departments in Manthai west only

5,300 acre in the control of Departments in Manthai west only

A special meeting for releasing state Lands acquired by two Departments in Manthai West, Mannar, was held at the Manthai West Divisional Secretariat, yesterday. Forest Department and Wild Life Department has acquired private and State lands. A special review was made yesterday regarding the release of lands with Assistant Secretary to the President Borallas.

3,150 acre lands of people and the 2,150 acre lands of state in the area from Papamodai to Thevan paddy in Manthai West Divisional secretary’s area of the Mannar District, which had been overgrown by forest has been acquired by the Wild Life Department by a gazette notification.

A private individual has robbed 125 acre land from 250 families which had been granted earlier at ½ acre per family.

As per this, the officers examined the details of a total 5,425 acre land and had field visit to examine the said lands.

In 2011, an individual had fenced off 125 acre land allocated to people and it is also said that this man has deed for 100 acres. There is a case going on this. It was decided to approach this case legally.

As a result of the examination of the details of the lands that have been acquired by the Forest and Wild Life Departments, a report will be submitted to the President, said the officers to people.

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