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5,815 woman leadership families in Kilinochchi – 4,290 of them are widows

The Provincial Minister of Health, P.Sathiyalingam said yesterday in the sitting of the council that,5,815 woman led families are living in Kilinochchi District and out of them 4,290 are widows and 1,310 are abandoned by their husbands, the husbands of 215 women have been made to disappear. A separate Rehabilitation Department has to be established to pursue the post war rehabilitation activities and to solve the day to day problems of the people affected by the war.He proposed that the Central Government should allocate special funds towards the establishment of this Department.

My Ministry had launched an Electronic Survey of information related to my Ministry and from the data obtained from 120,298 persons belonging to 34, 138 families, following data have been obtained:

Physical and mental disabilities  


 Body movement deficiencies  


Vision  deficiencies 3,342 Hearing deficiencies 1,670
unable to move on their own 1,447 Retarded 966
Mental patients 875 speaking deficiencies 487
Others 384 Hyper Tension 4,846
Diabetes 3,192 Chronic Kidney failures 394
Cancer 259

 This resolution was adopted unanimously adopted.