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6 Hospitals in the North not operating even now

The Health Minister of NPC, P. Sathiyalingam had said that 6 hospitals were not put into operation even after end of the war due to war damages to them.

He was speaking on the votes of the Health Ministry.

There are 104 hospital in Northern Province out of them are not operating now even after the end of the war.Kankesanthurai,Elephant Pass,Ampalavan Pokkanai, Mulliyawalai Karippaddamurippu, and Kiripanwewa are the hospitals that are unable to operate due to war damages.

Developing the Northern health sector is a challenging job.Main reason behind this is the shortage of manpower and physical  resources.

Although 729 doctors and 826 nursing staff are approved the current strengths are 487 and 624 respectively, he said.