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631 graduates will be granted teaching appointment soon : Secretary to Northern Ministry of Education

E.Raveenthran , the Secretary to Northern Ministry of Education said that the vacancies for teachers in the Northern schools will be filled by giving teaching appointments to graduates soon.

An event for handing over teaching appointments to 1,029 graduates and those teachers who have completed training at the Teachers’ Training College was held at the Visaladchi Sivagurunathan Hall of the Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College yesterday. The Secretary said as above participating in this event.

We have brought in changes in the Educational Sector of the North. Appointment letters had been given to graduate teachers and to teachers who had completed courses at the Teachers Training College. The vacancies in the northern schools will be filled by them They will take up their appointments tomorrow (today), he said.

As per the Central Education Ministry Circular, the teaching cadre was fixed at 15,200. However we have increased this at the rate of one teacher per class, a total of 18,460. The approval for this had been received last year. Thus we are taking action to fill this cadre. Last year we appointed 620 graduates and 241 from education Colleges. We have planned earlier to appoint 1,000 teachers per year.

Under this plan we have given 549 appointments this year. Another 308 graduates, for Maths and Science, 110 for technical studies 113 for Sinhala, a total of 631 appointments will be given soon. with today’s (yesterday) appointments  16,310 teachers are serving in the North, he said.