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6,348 acre land under the control of the Army should be released, resolution passed in the Cheddikulam DS Office Development Committee


A resolution was passed in the Development Committee meeting of the Cheddikulam Divisional Secretary’s  office to the effect that,6,348 acre land where IDPs were housed in Cheddikulam area is still under the control of the Army. This land should be released and 1,000 acre should be allocated for grazing ground, and lands owned by private persons should be handed over back to them. .

This meeting was presided by Vanni District UPFA parliamentarian K.K.Musthan. TNA MP, Sivasakthy Anandan pointed out the same resolution was made in the previous Development Committee, but the lands were not released.

Further, it was pointed out that the calcium content of drinking water in Cheddikulam is high and a resolution was adopted to the effect that, suitable action should be taken to supply clean water.

The Minister Health, NPC, P. Sathiyalingam,NPC members, G.T.Linganathan, M.Thiyagarasa, E.Indrarasa, M.P.Nadarajah, Jeyathilleke, Heads of Departments, Police Officers and several public participated in this meeting.