Tamil Diplomat

Court bans Mannar Demonstration against Independence Celebration

In a context where the Mannar Federation of Public Organizations had put out a call to boycott the Independence Day Celebration, Mannar court banned the intended hand cuff-black flag protest rally to be held in Mannar on Saturday morning, said the President of the Mannar Federation of Public Organizations, V.S.Sivakaran.

The Mannar Federation of Public Organizations called on day before yesterday for the complete boycott of 69th Independence Day Celebrations by the Tamil people.

Tamil people are being oppressed by way of People made to disappear, release of Political prisoners, Human Rights affairs, release of occupied lands and se backs in formulation of the new constitution. While announcing that Tamil people should undertake protests in respective districts, it had also announced that a black flag with hand-cuffs demonstration will be held today in front of the Mannar District Secretariat.

In this context the Mannar court has sent an order through police to the Federation that no hindrance should be made to the Independence Day Celebration to be held from Mannar main bridge to Mannar Town Council building.