Tamil Diplomat

Air Force attempting to disturb the struggle of Kepapulavu people

The people of Kepapulavu expressed concern over the Air Force is intriguing to indirectly threaten the strugglers and the persons who visit them to express solidarity, by photographing and videoing them.

The Kepapulavu people are fighting a brave struggle demanding that the Air Force get out of their lands and hand the lands over to them for the last 18 days, subjected to the elements. In this context the Air Force is posing indirect threats who visit them to express their support.

Members of Political parties, University students, representatives of Public Organizations, and the General public had undertaken to show their sentimental and righteous support in  various ways. A student of the Peradeniya University, A.Kamalaraj and T.Arunthava Arulammah and V.Pasupathy  began their 48-hour fasting yesterday at Puthukudiyirrupu.

The Air Force men started their photographing from covered positions. Later they used binoculars. Finally they got up on their sentries and started photographing the strugglers. However it was witnessed that the people also staring to photograph the Air Force monitors publicly in a tit for tat move and without any fear.

The protesters also accused the Air Force that, drag some strugglers, by providing liquor and make them create disturbance in an intoxicated state at the struggle venue. Already such incidents had occurred they said. However, they bowed that their struggle will be continued come what may.