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Un-employed Graduates to meet President Today

The representatives Unemployed Graduates who are on a day & night struggle in front of District Secretariat will meet President Maithripla Sirisena, who is scheduled to visit Jaffna today. This meeting will occur at the Governor’s Secretariat in Jaffna, today. The un-employed graduates continued their struggle today, the 6th day. The Governor who met the un-employed graduates yesterday night had promised to make arrangements for representatives of the un-employed graduates to meet the President who is to visit Jaffna to open the “Tell it to the president” Secretariat.

However the Graduates said that their struggle will be continued today and tomorrow. They are cooking and eating their meals by the roadside.

The abandoning of the struggle will be decided on an appropriate solution is reached in the  meeting with the from the President.

They have prepared a Memorandum to be handed over to the President. The Full text of their Memorandum is given below:

Northern Province Un-employed Graduates Community,

Northern Province,

04th March 2017


His Excellency, the President,

President’s Secretariat,

Colombo -01.

Your Excellency,

Obtaining State Employment for Unemployed Graduates of Northern Province.

We, the Un-Employed Graduates of the Northern Province have undertaken an attention drawing struggle requesting employment for all the un-employed graduates (More than 3,500), in front of District Secretariat, Jaffna, as from 27.02.2017 in order to express our freedom opinion in a Democratic way, day and night with an indefinite time frame.

 We were forced into undertaking this struggle as even though several years have passed after we had graduated, no employment was made available to us, which had drastically affected us Mentally, Physically and economically and pushed us into distress and to the brink of frustration.

We undertook such a struggle in 2015, continuing it day and Night and memorandums were handed over. However we were not absorbed into Government Service.

It is in this context that we have engaged in this attention drawing struggle for an indefinite period.

Your Excellency, we most humbly request your kind self, not to allow this situation to continue in your Good Governance Government, and grant government employment to all the Un-Employed Graduates of the Northern Province.

Thanking you, Your Excellency, in anticipation of a kind and early consideration, we remain,

Yours Truly,

Un-employed Graduates Community,

Northern Province