Tamil Diplomat

TNA in urgent meeting on Saturday

In a context where the disputes among the constituent parties have hit a new high, a meeting of the TNA members of the Northern and Eastern  Provincial Councils and TNA Parliamentarians have scheduled to be held on Saturday in Vavuniya from9.30 a.m.

A controversy has broken up following 11 members of the TNA MPs sending a memorandum to UN that no time should be granted to Sri Lanka in Geneva.

Meanwhile the controversial TNA spokesman, M.A.Sumanthiran has said that, the government should fully implement the UN resolution. This is unified stance of the TNA he said. The Sri Lankan Government should fulfill what it consented to do in UN in 2015 under strict conditions. This is the unified stance of the TNA.  Some members of the TNA had sent a memorandum to UN because the government has not fulfilled anything in the 1 ½ years’ time granted to it earlier, by the NUHRC, he said.