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6,972 L Ethanol captured in Erlali: Alleged to be brought from Kandy for adulterating Palmyrah Arrack in Jaffna

On a tip off received by the MI unit at Erlalai that suspicious movement of things  are happening from a suspicious Lorry parked for a long time in a land in Erlalai, STF  was informed and the STF rounded up the are and captured 6,972 L Ethanol( Pure Alcohol) contained in 371 cans of 20 L capacity.

Inquiries revealed that the Etanol had been brought from Kandy for a Palmyrah Arrack distributor for adulterating the Palmyrah Arrack produced in Jaffna.

The STF had arrested the land owner and another person who came to open the Lorry. Owner of the Ethanol is absconding.

Ethanol is a toxic substance and excessive amounts of it in arrack is detrimental to human health.

The arrested suspects were remanded by the court and arrest warrant had been issued against the owner of the Ethanol.