Tamil Diplomat

7 Tamil Parties got together and decide to hold Attention drawing protest calling to ensure Law and Order in Jaffna

7 Tamil Parties announced jointly that an attention drawing protest will held soon and the details will be made public later,but discussions will be undertaken with the President and Prime Minister regarding the current situation prevailing in Jaffna.

Representatives of 7 parties have got together and discussed about the activities that should be undertaken regarding the situation prevailing in Jaffna. This meeting was held in a hotel in Vadamaradchchi.

Commenting on matters discussed in this meeting, Secretary of TELO, Lawyer Sri Kantha said, that, We demand an impartial inquiry without any interventions, into the killings of two students. The reasons background behind the killings should be found out to prevent recurrence.

The hand bills put out linking sword slashing groups to murders the attacks made in the North, have created a fear psychosis, among the people. Action should be taken regarding factions which are trying to intensify them.

This meeting which was organized by TELO, was participated by its leader, Selvam Adaikalanathan, Secretary, Sri Kantha, Vice President, Henry Mahendran, President of TULF, V.Ananthasangaree, ITAK members of NPC, V.Sivayogam, S.Sugirthan, Sec retary of DPLF, S.Sathananthan,TSDP’s  S.Mohan , Kenga, , EPRLF’s Sivakumar, TNPF’s K.Nagulan and T. Ainkaran.