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7,000 differently-abled in Batticaloa District: says the Social Service officer

The Social service Officer, Batticaloa District, S. Arulmoly said that, there are 7,000 differently abled in Batticaloa and that it is very difficult to fulfil all their needs.

He was speaking at the 15th Anniversary Celebrations of the Association for Deaf, held at the Thevanayagam Hall at Batticaloa. There are 500 differently-abled in each of the 14 DS divisions of Batticaloa District and it is very to fulfil all their needs.

Elaborating further he said that there facilities available here for deaf children to study upto 7th standard. After that they had to go either to Jaffna or India. Hence political leaders should take action to establish these facilities here.  The Government and Non-Government agencies should come forward to establish a Home for the Aged with full facilities, he said.

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