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701.5 acre land released by the Army, without much fanfare

701.5 acre lands under 7  GS Divisions, hitherto in the HSZ were released  yesterday without much fanfare. People belonging to these GS Divisions could go to theses lands today.

Lands that were previously under the control of the Army are being released to the people in February –March, after the regime change in January. 1,018 acre land in 8 GS Divisions were released earlier. After a long lapse of inaction, suddenly this release had been made without any announcement.

KankesanThurai South (J/235), Palai Veemankamam North(J/236), Thaiyiddi South(J/ 250), Palaly South (J/252), Palaly East (J/253) Palaly North(J/254)  which are coming under Thellipalai DS Division and Valalai(J/284) which is coming under KopayDS Division were release yesterday.

It is notable that the Valalai village had been released completely and with this the Vally East had been completely.

213.5 acre including Palai Veemankamam North, Kankesanthurai South and Thaiyiddi South

255 acre including Palaly South, Palaly East and Palaly North and 233 acre in Valalai area were released yesterday

The former residents of these areas visiting their eagerly from yesterday, although they will handed over today Officially.