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7,200 acre forests will de destructed for Urbanization of Mankulam Town: says Director of Environment Preservation

When the urbanization of Mankulam town coming under Odduchuddan Divisional Secretary’s Division is undertaken nearly 7,200 acre forest will be destructed, said the Director of Central Environment Protection Unit, Sajeeva Sameegara.

Elaborating further he said, 7,200 acre of forests under Forest Department are to be destructed for the development of Mankulam town. These areas are located in the reserve forests at Panokkan kulam, Vanni vilankulam and Mankulam. Water sources nearly 986 kilometer long are found in theses areas. Kanagarayan Aru originates from this area.  Large number of wild elephants and rare animals are living in this area. Cabinet approval was granted during Mahindha’s rule. Now the good governance Government is taking action to implement this scheme.

Forests will be destructed on a large scale for this project and Human – Animal including Elephant conflict will be increased, he warned.

Commenting on this , the Director General of the Central Department for preserving Forests, Anura Sathuraforest for development porojrsinghe said that, although the places which are to be developed and project relevant to them are identified, No decisions have been reached regarding the destruction of forest areas for development  project.