Saturday 15 August 2020
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A Gang-Rape-A Mass Grave and the Story of a Tender Flower Kirushanthy

A Gang-Rape-A Mass Grave and the Story of a Tender Flower Kirushanthy

Kirushanthy Kumarasamy was writing her A/L then. A few hours later she will be sitting for her Chemistry paper. While she making last minute preparation, her mother hastily preparing her breakfast. However Kirushanthy was able to eat only half of it. By 7.15 a.m., Kirushanthy  left for school on her red bicycle. Her mother blessed and bid her goodbye and watched her till she disappeared from her sight. She never dreamed that is the last time seeing her daughter alive nor that will be her own last day on this world.

Kirushanthy’s mother, Rasammah Kumaraswamy is an Indian Graduate and the Deputy Principal of a Kaithady School. Kirushanthy’s  elder sister was studying in Colombo. Her brother Pranavan was waiting for his O/L results. After losing her husband in 1984, Rasammah’s life was centred on her children.

As she had known that her daughter’s exam will start at 9.30 a.m. and end at 11.30 a.m. , she quickly cooked the lunch and waited for her daughter to return for taking the lunch together. Time sped away ….but no sign of Kirushanthy.

Sometime later, their family friend Kirubamoorthy came there with the tragic story that Kirushanthy had been detained at the Chemmany sentry post. Realizing or not realizing the graveness of the Rasammah wasted no time. She wanted to go immediately to the Army camp. Kirupamoorthy agreed to accompany her. Pranavan followed them. Neither Kirushanthy nor her mother, Kirupamoorthy and Pranavan returned home thereafter.

All news were suppressed and without much information the Human Rights Lawyer Poobalan tried to attract nationwide attention over this. Following the Parliament notified by Late MP, Joseph Pararajasingam, a group led by Lt.Col. Gunaratne went to Jaffna for inquiries. Although all the personnel who were on duty at the Chemmany sentry post had been transferred to various places. All of them were called back for inquiry.

They confessed that they had raped Kirushanthy and that they killed Kirushanthy and others. After 45 days from the day Kirushanthy went missing, their bodies were recovered from a mass grave located at a small distance from the sentry post where Kirushanthy was detained, solely on the confessions of the army men.

All those who were on duty on the day of the incident was arrested and they were charged in High Court before a panel of 3 Judges, on the basis of all collected evidences.

Judges Nimal Dissanayake, Andrew Somavansa , Gamini Abeyaratne heard the case and it was revealed that the army men had gang raped the girl and had killed her and others to prevent news of the killing leaking out.

Seven months of confusion filled inquiry, found 5 Army men and a Police officer guilty and condemned all to Death.

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