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Archaeological Dept. and Army in joint venture to construct Vihare on Tamil Lands in Nayaru, beaten off by people

The attempt to construct a Vihare occupying the lands of Tamil people by Archaeological department at Nayaru of Kumulamunai in Mulaitheevu was beaten off by area people.

The Nayaru people accused that this is the second attempt by Archaeological Department to bring Army Surveyors and survey the lands of Tamil People.

A gazette notification had been published to acquire the area on which Neeraviyadi Pillayar Kovil was located and other permit lands of the Tamil people for the construction of 60’high Gurukantha Raja Maha Vihare. People say that this notice had been published against their wishes and in secretive manner and without any prior notice.

The first attempt was made on July 3rd. The Senior Survey superintendent, Mulaitheevu District Kokkilavila, had gone to the spot without the surveyors of the Department and without the presence the Divisional Secretary has had made an illegal attempt to survey the said land with the connivance of the Arecheological Department Officials and Army.

Coming to know of this attempt the area people rounded up the Arch. Dept. officials and the Surveyors and they tried escape the people by running into the nearby Army Camp. However some people went into the Army Camp and brought the Arch. Dept. Officials out started cursing them. Unable to bear wrath of the people the Dept people went away abandoning the attempt to survey the lands.