Wednesday 25 April 2018
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“Why 80%people have to suffer “- Vijay opens up on Demonetization

“Why 80%people have to suffer “- Vijay opens up on Demonetization

Film industry celebrities have slowly started expressing their opinion about Indian PM Narendra Modi’s bold announcement on demonetization and its effects on the common man. While initially only the praises could be heard, now people have started speaking about the inconveniences which still persist even as almost a week has passed after the announcement.In a surprising development, actor Vijay who rarely opens up his mind on public issues has expressed his opinion in detailed about the demonetization that has suddenly rendered Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes as invaluable.

While hailing this historical move by the PM to curb the black money, fake currency and the parallel economy that has been greatly affecting the nation. the Ilayathalapathy felt that problems this move has created to the common man could have been foreseen and avoided or mitigated with proper planning.Here is the full excerpts from Vijay address to media persons on this issue:

“The PM’s decision is a very great move. It is much needed for the nation. This bold step should be welcomed with open hands. Definitely this will develop the economy of our country. When the objective is huge, such side effects are unavoidable. But the problems caused by the move should not exceed the benefits it is going to achieve. I feel that certain things could have been avoided.

The general public is struggling to quench their hunger, to buy medicines. those who have gone to out stations are unable to return. There are many small traders who depend on the 500s and 1000s they earn on a day to day basis. Theaters, malls, markets like these many people are affected unnecessarily.

I also came to know many sad stories from news channels. An old woman had sold her land for the wedding of her granddaughter. After knowing the money she had got from that will not be useful she has attempted suicide. A new born baby has died for refusal of treatment in a hospital. I feel incidents like these could have been avoided.Will the percentage of rich persons in this country be around 20%? For the mistakes committed by a small percentage among them why cause trouble to the remaining 80% of the people?

I am again and again saying that this unprecedented move is a praiseworthy and huge effort. There is no second thought about that. But when they implement a law to find a solution for a problem like this they could have foreseen the side-effects and taken steps to avoid them. if that had been done, it would have been much greater. This is my humble opinion.

I learn that today the situation is much better. The panic situation of the last 3-4 days is not there. But still, the villages are still suffering with inconveniences. Senior citizens should be given priority. It will be great the Central government gives priority to these problems and sorts out them as soon as possible. “Hats off Vijay for taking into account both the sides of the issue and boldly expressing your opinion in such a composed manner. It is really a proud moment for every Vijay fan.

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