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World’s oldest Clove (Lavangam) found in excavations at Manthai

Archaeological Experts believe that the Clove (Lavangam) detected during excavations at Manthai, Mannar is the world’s oldest.

At the same time the researchers have found valuable black pepper at the Manthai Harbour. An International Archaeological experts had engaged in excavations 2009/2010, after the end of the war.

Sri Lankan Archaeological Department, Archaeological institution of Seelings and London Universities were  jointly engaged in this excavation.

The Clove found during the excavation belong to a period between 900 – 1100 AD and the 8 pepper seeds are believed to from a period between 600 -700AD and the Clove is the world’s  oldest, says researcher Elanor Kingwell Pankam.

It is also notable that Chinese experts also undertook excavation in the Manthai Harbour area.