Tamil Diplomat

818 Acre Peoples land to be released in Sampur

It is understood the President had signed the order for revoking the order for acquiring 818 acre land to be acquired for Investment 5 Trade Zone, in Sampur. The revocation order was signed as a prelude for handing over of these lands to their legitimate owners.

Further action is being taken to release another 230 acre which is currently under the control of the Navy, to people, said TNA MP, M.A.Sumanthiran

these matters announced in meeting held in Colombo between TNA MP, Sumanthiran, the Chairman of the  Investment Board, Minister of resettlement , D.M.Swaminathan, and the Governor of Eastern Province, Ostin Fernando.

These lands were declared as Investment Trade Zone following the displacement of people from there because of the war activities in 2006. People were holding protest rally demanding the release of their lands.