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9 police team put into field to suppress 5 Anti-social groups including “Ava” group

In the context of Sword slashing and anti-social activities going on the increase recent days, 9 police teams  under the direct control of IGP, Pujitha Jayasundara have been put into the field in the North, for arresting 5 anti social gangs including the notorious “Ava” group and curb their criminal activities.

It was earlier reported that the “Ava” group is behind the anti-social activities that occurred in the North. Now the police say that there are 5 group including “Ava” and that 9 police teams are put into the field to eliminate these groups.

A senior Police officer said that apart from Ava, “Nimalan”, “ Dillu”, “ Jude”, “ Paheel” and “Sanna” are operating in the North.He also said said that a search operation is to be undertaken with a view to arrest these groups.

After the end of the war, several finance companies which had sol vehicles on lease had used these groups to recover vehicle from defaulters. Ava group is the leading group and its leader Vinothan is in remand, sources said. Few days back two policemen were slashed outside a shop in Chunnakam and the Ava group distributed notices claiming responsibility. Following this the police has geared themselves for the elimination of these groups.