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9 TPPs admitted to hospital yesterday


9 more Tamil Political prisoners were admitted to hospital yesterday. The TPPs who commenced a fast unto death last 12th demanding un-conditional release.  the condition of two of them had deteriorated. While the government is mulling the matter, the TPPs entered into the 5th day of their fast. Symbolic and sympathetic struggles are increasing on a daily basis in support of the fasting of the TPPs.

A Sinhalese political prisoner, an army officer was afflicted with heart pain while his case was heard yesterday in the Jaffna High Court, and the High Court Judge, M.Illancheliyan ordered that, in consideration of his condition his case be heard on 18th and 19th of this month.

This Officer, Indika Sanjeeva(44 years) fled to Malaysia when accused of helping LTTE and was arrested on return to Sri Lanka, at BIA, on 8th July 2014, is also on the fast unto death with the other Tamil Political prisoners.