Sunday 5 July 2020
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9 year old child crushed to death by a Navy Buffel Armoured vehicle

9 year old child crushed to death  by a Navy Buffel Armoured vehicle

A 9 year old child was hit by a Navy  vehicle and was crushed to death. This incident took place yesterday at 7.30 a.m in Pungudutheevu.

Thirulankan Kesana (9 years old) from ward 12, Pungudutheevu was the student who was killed tragically yesterday. Her uncle K.Saseswaran was seriously injured in the misshape.

The child who was standing by the motor cycle was hit by the vehicle, pulled for distance before being crushed by the heavy duty wheels of the Armoured vehicle, said the bystanders .

The uncle of the child who was taking the child to school had stopped the cycle, seeing the vehicle coming without control in their direction. However, the vehicle hit the motor cycle and pulled the child for about 10 meters before crushing her. When Kesana and uncle was taken to Punkudutheevu, no doctors or Nurses available to attend to her. This  particular vehicle had been reported to the commanding officer for running on bald tyres without break or front lights.

In Pungudutheevu where only 4,200 people are living 6 Navy camps are there. Requests had already been made to reduce the camps to two, but to no avail. If the camps had been removed this tragedy could not have occurred the people said.

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