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9th Anniversary of the “Chenchcholai” – Mass Murder

Nine years back, the sun was rising over Chenchcholai Complex. 500 Advance Level students, all girls from Kilinochchi and Mullaitheevu districts were busily getting ready for their resident training course aimed to train them in Social leadership skills, First aid, Gender equality, Building up self-confidence, Effective time management and Team work. This was one of the several courses routinely held at Chenchcholai students.

Chenchcholai is located in Vallipunam in the Mullaitheevu District, Vanni.

The time was ticking towards 7’O clock.  From nowhere came 4 ‘Kafir’ jet bombers belonging to the Air Force of the Sri Lanka and screamed down on Chenchcholai . 16 bombs  each weighing 1000 Kilos  were dropped on the hapless students. Chenchcholai complex was instantly transformed into a mass of flesh pieces, dead bodies and injured calling pathetically for some help.

The final count showed that this barbaric bombing had claimed the lives of 62 including 52 children. 155 more children were seriously injured. The bodies of most of the killed were found in badly mutilated form. Of the injured 52 were in a very serious condition, several had lost their limbs and some had lost both of their hand or legs.


The injured were immediately admitted to public hospitals at Mullaitheevu, Puthukudiyiruppu, Tharmapuram, and Kilinochchi. Being informed that bomb attack made on the area where their children were attending the workshop, the parents of the children raced towards the complex screaming for their children.

The screams of the parent who identified their children among the dead, pierced the sky and the hearts of the volunteers who had rushed in lend a hand.

The oppressive Sri Lankan Government while killing, injuring and maiming school children, started a vicious propaganda to screen the truth to the outside world, saying the killed were child-soldiers of the LTTE.

The Government showed an aerial photograph, taken by one of its aircrafts in 2004 and tried prove that Chenchcholai is a military training base of the LTTE and child-soldiers of the LTTE were housed there. A minister and spokesman for the Government Keheliya Rambukkwela , was quoted as saying, ” Those who were killed were child- soldiers. If anybody acts against the government, we will kill them without any age or sex description.”

But, the SLMM and UNICEF representative who visited the site of the bombing and the hospitals directly and confirmed that the killed were innocent school girls.

This 14th day of August had got embedded in the minds of Tamil people as another Darkest Day , in the history of Eelam Tamils, somewhere between the Black July and the Mulliwaikkal Genocide.

The Tamil Diplomat  bows its head in memory of these innocent lives wiped out in their prime age,  by the merciless Sri Lankan Government.

Names of the Students killed 

Puthukkudiyiruppu Mahavidhyalayam

Thambirasa Lakiya DOB: 26-03-89, Mullivaikal west

Mahalingam Vensidiyoola DOB: 07-10-89, Mullivaikal west

Thuraisingam Sutharsini DOB: 28-07-89, Ward 10, PKT

School: Visuvamadu Mahavidhyalayam

Nagalingam Theepa DOB: 29-03-87, Puthadi, Visuvamadu
Thambirasa Theepa DOB: 07-02-87, Valluvarpuram, Redbarna
Thirunavukkarasu Niranjini DOB: 29-11-88, Puthadi, Visuvamadu
Raveenthirarasa Ramya DOB: 14-11-88, Thoddiyadi, V. madu
Kanapathipillai Nanthini DOB: 05-10-88, Koddiyadi, Visuvamadu
Vijayabavan Sinthuja DOB: 24-05-88, Koddiyadi, Visuvamadu
Naguleswaran Nishanthini DOB: 11-04-89, Thoddiyadi, V.madu
Tharmakulasingam Kemala DOB: 09-09-87, Kannakinagar,
Arulampalam Yasothini DBO: 18-01-88, Puththadi, Visuvamadu

School: Udayarkaddu Mahavidhyalayam
Muthaih Indra DOB: 08-08-88, Suthanthirapuram centre
Murugaiah Arulselvi DOB: 14-07-88, Suthanthirapuram centre
Sivamoorthy Karthikayini DOB: 13-02-88, Vallipunam
Santhanam Sathyakala DOB: 20-08-86, Vallipunam
Kanagalingam Nirupa DOB: 11-02-89, Visuvamadu
Kanagalingam Nirusa DOB: 11-02-89, Vallipunam
Navaratnam Santhakumari DOB: 28-05-88, Kaiveli
Nagalingam Kokila DOB: 12-02-87, Vallipunam
Sivamayajeyam Kokila DOB: Kuravil
Shanmugarasa Paventhini DOB:
Balakrishnan Mathani DOB: 09-05-88, Vallipunam

School: Mullaitivu Mahavidhyalayam
Sivanantham Thivya DOB: 30-05-88, Vannankulam
Thambirasa Suganthini DOB: 18-02-88, Alampil,
S Vathsalamary DOB: 20-11-86, Manatkudiyiruppu
Thanabalasingam Bakeerathy DOB: 03-02-87, Mullivaikal west
Thanikasalam Thanusa DOB: 02-12-87, Kallappadu
Pathmanathan Kalaipriya DOB: 23-09-88, Kovilkudiyiruppu
Markupillai Kelansuthayini DOB: 14-07-88, Vannankulam
Rasamohan Hamsana DOB: 29-05-87, Alampil

School: Kumulamunai Mahavidhyalayam 
Vivekanantham Thadchayini DOB: 31-01-88, W 10, PTK
Santhakumar Sukirtha DOB: 08-08-87, Ward 7, Kumulamunai
Uthayakumaran Kousika DOB: 22-08-87, Kumulamunai
Nallapillai Ninthija DOB: 03-03-88, Ward 6, Kumulamunai
Veerasingam Rajitha DOB: 28-02-88, Ward 5, Kumulamunai

School: Vidhyananda College, Mulliyavalai
Thamilvasan Nivethika DOB: 02-12-88, Ward 2, Mulliyavalai
Suntharam Anoja DOB: 12-09-89, Kumulamunai
Puvanasekaram Puvaneswari DOB: 06-06-89, W 4, Mulliyavalai
Kiritharan Thayani DOB: 28-12-89, Thannerutru, Mulliyavalai

School: Chemmalai Mahavidhyalayam 
Mahalingam Vasantharani DOB: 23-03-88, Alampil, Chemmalai
Thuraisingam Thisani DOB: 06-12-88, Alampil, Chemmalai
Vairavamoorthy Kirithika DOB: 12-07-87, Alampil, Chemmalai
Chandramohan Nivethika DOB: 04-01-89, Alampil, Chemmalai

School: Oddusuddan Mahavidhyalayam
Sellam Nirojini DOB: Koolamurippu, Oddusuddan

School: Muruhananda Mahavidhyalayam 
Tharmarasa Brintha DOB: 06-01-89, 189/1 Visuvamadu
Thevarasa Sharmini DOB: 09-03-89, 90, Periyakulam, Kandavalai

School: Tharmapuram Mahavidhyalayam
Varatharaja Mangaleswari DOB: 24-07-89, 577, 13 U, T.puram
Rasenthiraselvam Mahilvathani DOB: 04-12-88, Tharmapuram
Nilayinar Nivakini DOB: 04-04-89, Kaddakkadu, Tharmapuram

School: Piramanthanaru Mahavidhyalayam
Kubenthiraselvam Lihitha DOB: 05-02-87, Kalaveddithidal, Puliyampokanai

Names of staff killed
Chandrasekaran Vijayakumari (Age 27)
Kandasamy Kumarasamy (Age 48)
Solomon Singarasa (Age 65)
S Jeyarubi (Age 20)