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A sentimental Observation of Maveerar Day at University of Jaffna

Despite the heavy threats and right among the excessive presence of Intelligence men, the Maveerar Day was observed sentimentally and in high spirits at the University of Jaffna.

At around 12 Noon today, the bells of the Temple located inside the campus were rung, Photographs of Maveerar placed in the Special Memorial, Motherland Anthem sung, Sacrificial Lamps were lighted and Homage paid to the Maveerar.

The Students and Teachers of the University were seen very overtly participating in this Homage paying event.

In a context of a large number of Intelligence operatives entering the university Campus and photographing the participants, Students commemorated their Heroes, with no regard to their presence  and without worrying about the threats, sentimentally and in high spirits, and singing the Song of the Motherland

Meanwhile, the Maveerar Day was observed sentimentally in Vavuniya , Batticaloa and  several countries where Diaspora Tamils are living, including Great Britain. Thousands of people participated in the event held in the Wembley Arena in Britain.

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