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“A soul with consciousness, knowledge and personality had left us”: Wigneswaran in his condolence message on the death of Thamizhini

“A soul with consciousness, knowledge and personality had left us.”, the CM NPC, Justice C.V. Wigneswaran has said in a condolence message over demise of former Leader of the Women’s  Political wing of the LTTE, Thamizhini and has continued to say that, the true last respect we all could pay her is to work with an open heart towards realizing the thoughts of her.

The full text of the message is as follows:

“A soul with consciousness, knowledge and personality had left us.”

The untimely death of  sister Thamizhini who had succumbed to impacts of Cancer is a great loss to the Tamil soil.

Sister Thamizhini acted as the Leader of the Women’s  Political wing of the LTTE. Because of that she was arrested after the war, underwent rehabilitation and came back.

The liberation struggle that rose up among the Tamil people did not stop at the level of National Liberation struggle. It occurred as a multifaceted struggle towards Social Liberation and Women Liberation.

In the trend of our society which lived with unique culture and discipline, Oppression of women was in existence over the time. Nobody can deny the fact that, the Liberation struggle had given a practical form to the Modern woman thoughts of  Bharathy, in that women have equal rights is such a male dominated society.

women who were home bound joined themselves with the liberation struggle and gained efficacy as heroines. Our girls who lived behind the protection of their parents first and then subjecting themselves  to their husbands with shyness attained the strength to fight with valor in battle fields. They got the strength to lead and conduct social structures.

Sister Thamizhini  had been a best example of such woman leadership. The sorrow and concern our people are expressing over the demise of sister Thamizhini , although six years had passed after the end of the war, amply proclaim the lifestyle led by that girl, during the days of the struggle  and the personality of her.

I was very proud to hear that when she was undergoing rehabilitation, the then government try to bargain with her to contest in the 2010 elections on behalf of the government and that she will be released from the Rehabilitation in return, but she rejected the offer and did not become a turncoat.

Thmizhini who voyaged with a incessant ideological commitment was concerned only about the Liberation of Tamil people and the exaltation of Tamil Women. We all should labour with open heart to realize her thoughts. That will be the true last respect we could pay to her.

Her husband who made her as his spouse despite the fact he might meet crisis because Thamizhini was a former militant , deserves to be felicitated.

I take part in the inconsolable sorrows of this exemplary soul and Thamizhini’s family.

May her soul rest in peace.