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Aava group is a planned conspiracy by the Government, accuses TNPF

There is no group as Aava group.This is a planned conspiracy of the Government.A suspicion has risen whether the name of the Aava group is used for political revenge, said the TNPF yesterday. A party supporter was arrested from the office of TNPF, last Saturday.

The party said as above in press conference held by the Party.

They further said that, important man of the Aava group is in prison for several months now. Several members of the group are in prison. But they go on  Aava group repeatedly. There is no group like that. As far as we are concerned ,We have a suspicion that,  they have formed a factious group and use the name to take political revenging.

We want to know whether they have arrested our party activist and intentionally has connected him to Aava group. They arrested another of our activist in Kilinochchi. Now they have arrested our activist who was at the forefront of Ezhuka Thamizh has been arrested and being linked to the Maya Group.

We don’t know the reason for TID arresting him. Current whereabouts are also not known. If he is connected to Aava group, he could have been arrested normally. This is a fabricated case, said the party.

Leader Gajendrakumar, Secretary Kajendran and Manivannan participated in the conference.