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Abandon mischievous propaganda and think about the solution for the Tamils: advices Suresh

Stop your mischievous propaganda about TPC and think about what you can do for the Tamil people or give advice to TPC regarding solution to ethnic problem. Don’t be cynics all along, the Leader of the EPRLF Suresh had advised.

He was talking in a media conference held at the Jaffna Press Club for clarifying some mischievous propaganda undertaken against TPC.  TPC is an organization was formed without any party discrimination, for looking after the interests of Tamil People. But mischievous propagandas are made to the effect that this is an alliance of traitors and defeated.ven the Leader of TNA, Sampanthan had given an interview to this effect to an Indian media.

The EPRLF has MPs and NPC members, even now. Even our defeated candidates have got considerable number of votes. Those who say that we are defeated people should remember that they were also defeated three times. The victories and defeats normal phenomenon. In the past we fought with arms for the Tamil people . Today, we are doing politics for them. We did not stop service for people just because we had been defeated. Those who criticize the TPC should understand one thing. We are not going to be afraid of criticisms.

We have received information that some NPC member are undertaking covert actions to split the TPC and revenge the CM. We cannot take matters as simple things, he said.