Tamil Diplomat

Abducted murdered persons in the closed wells in Jaffna and in the Islands?

The state minister Wijayakala Maheswaran visited the Island sector on the 10th and the members of the missing person’s families aired their suspicions to the minister that the closed wells in their areas may have the remains of their kin abducted and presumed killed.

There are several wells in a filled up state in Suruvil, Mandaition Allaipidti, Mankumban, Velanai, Saravanai, Pungudutivu,  Puliyankoodal, Naranthanai, Karamnpon, Kayts, Analaitivu, Delft, Nainativu and Karainagar.

The state minister was deluged with the same message wherever she went on that day in the Island sector. Some these wells are still under the control of an armed group and security forces.

Following the lamentation of the relatives of the missing persons she had requested the DIG – Jaffna, to obtain order from the courts and excavate these wells.