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Account for missing persons, else we will go no Fast unto death: relatives in North & East insist

While saying that, the current regime also cheating them like the past one, the relatives said that they are insisting on Accountability and International justice mechanism. They also warned that if they do not get a solid solution they will go into fast unto death.

Struggles were undertaken in North and East insisting accountability regarding persons made to disappear yesterday, Friday.

During the symbolic fasting struggle held at Vavuniya has demanded that a solid decision regarding persons made to disappear. The Society for finding out the persons handed over to the Army and abducted and who had been made to disappear had organized this fasting struggle. This fasting was held in front of the Pandaravanniyan statue, in front of  Vavuniya Kacheri.

Another struggle was held in front of the Eastern Governor’s office. It was insisted in this struggle that International Justice Mechanism is needed for inquiries regarding Missing persons. They also insisted that in the Transitional  Justice Pursuance, the participation of  UN as co-participant.

Although one year and several months had passed, the position of their loved ones who were subjected to forced disappearance had not been found out they said. Until such time the truth about their loved ones is found out they are will not accept death certificates or certificate confirming missing, they said.