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Accountability is the way to Reconciliation : Samantha Power to Media in Jaffna

Samantha Power on a visit to Jaffna yesterday said to Media men that, the Accountability is the only way to Reconciliation. That is the expectation of Obama too, she said. She insisted that the GOSL should take actions for Re-conciliation without delay.

She was answering questions of media men as to what message she had brought from Obama for the people of North and East ? Another message of Obama is faith she said. The whole world is watching Sri Lanka. It is important to create country wide faith. The new government had given several promises. Those promises are steps  to Reconciliation. This government which had evolved from the regime of the last 10 years could deliver reconciliation. We believe that a situation conducive to Accountability is prevailing now. Present Government also had said that, this is its objective.

I met some Women who have lost their husbands due war. The regime change, it promises and its projects will pave the way for their livelihood, I believe, she said.