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Accountability Question could be blocked in-land: Fears Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam

The current need of India and America is to increase the influence of the present regime among the Sinhala masses. Hence there is an attempt to curtail the UNHRC’s actions, with the publication of its report and the matters regarding accountability could be left to be completed internally, said the leader of the Tamil National People‘s Front,  Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam.

He told a Tamil media based in Colombo that, World Powers are attempting  to create  a Tamil third force as an alternative to TNA so that, when the people who are frustrated of the TNA’s current trend start seeking a new leadership, that leadership should not fell into the hands of the Tamil National people front.

“By this situation, the solution for the ethnic problem will be blocked in the illusion of 13th amendment and Provincial Council within the unitary state. On the other side, the matter of accountability will be blocked in an internal investigation under the over view of Maithripala, who had boasted that he was the acting Minister of Defence during the last two weeks of the final stages of the war. This is like the accused investigating his own crime.”

“In this dangerous situation, to avoid Tamil people being made into orphans, we must be aware of the geo- politics prevailing in Sri Lanka, the advantages and dangers received through it.”  Gajendrakumar further said.