Monday 27 May 2019
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Accusations on Provincial council, targeting on the PC Elections, says the CM, C. V. Wigneswaran

Accusations on Provincial council, targeting on the PC Elections, says the CM, C. V. Wigneswaran

Replying to media queries regarding the 6,338 unfilled vacancies existing in the PC, the Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran had said that the accusations on the PC are targeting on the PC Elections.Persons like the Leader of the Opposition making these charges. These are groaning for the next PC elections. All these days neither these nor you asked any question about the vacancies.  What is the reason for raising this query at the tail end of our term. You readers know the reasons.

The approved cadre for North is 40,422. All these vacancies should be filled by the Central Government.

Vacancies in north are 6,338

To be filled by Central Government – 3,329

To be filled by NPC – 3009. This is around 7.4% of the total

Qualified persons not available in the North to fill these vacancies.

For Example :

Vacancy for Nurses cannot be filled by untrained people.

The Health volunteers and qualified but there is being shown as vacancies. Theses could be filled from outside and Health volunteers will be thrown into streets.

May be some times vacancies occur for 50 drivers. At the same time 50 persons will be unemployed.

Drivers vacancies cannot filled with these unemployed persons.

Recently, Volunteer teachers got their appointments. Prior to that one of them shouted at me in my office. After getting the appointment the same person thanked for our efficiency in granting the appointment, with tears.. You may find out from them as to after how many Satyagrahas, demonstrations, rallies, altercations and fights, they got their appointments. Its very easy to throw accusation from outside. Its not easy to eliminate barriers, select qualified persons and take in appriopriate persons, he had said.

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