Tamil Diplomat

Acquiring effort at Puthukudiyiruppu abandoned due to opposition from the owners and public

In the context of the announcement that 20 acres of private lands in front of Puthukudiyiruppu Divisional Secretariat are to be acquired for the use of the army, the owners of the said lands and public staged a protest demonstration in front of the Divisional Secretariat, Puthukudiyiruppu. Following their demonstration the team of Survey Department official had gone away aborting their survey attempt.

It was planned to hand over these lands to the Army today. The Land Acquiring Officer of Kilinochchi Secretariat had initiated actions accordingly.

This had been done despite the letter sent by the Chief Minister and Minister of Lands of the NPC, Justice Vickneswaran to stop this land acquisition. Following the revelations that the lands are to be acquired, the owners and public including the TNA’s MPs, Sivasakthi Anandan, Vinonoharathalingam and PC member,   Dr.Sivamohan staged an attention drawing Protest in front of the Divisional Secretariat, locking the front gate.

The Land Acquisition Officer who came to spot, had some altercations with the protesters, later fled scene through the back door of the Army Camp, located on the Landed intended to be handed over, after informing the Divisional Secretariat that the Take-over had been postponed.