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Action Faim Murders – 9 years passed – No justice yet

The day, 05 August 2005. The confrontation between the Army and LTTE was at its peak. 17 volunteer workers including 4 girls, of the French NGO, Action Faim (Action Against Hunger)  were restricted to their Quarters unable to go home. Following day their mutilated bodies were found.

The family members of theses murdered volunteers lamented that although 9 years had passed,  international society exerted much pressure on Sri Lankan Government, but, the lethargy shown and delays created regarding justice had created large scale blemish on Sri Lanka Government.

ACF Murder

The bodies of local aid workers who worked for ACF

According to ACF’s report released in December 2013, all of the alleged victims were Tamils. They are listed by name, along with their photographs below. 

“Lined up inside the ACF compound, they had been shot dead at close range…,” the report said. 

“Staying away from direct hostilities, ACF staff were not killed by stray bullets. They were deliberately targeted, despite the fact that they were wearing white ACF T-shirts and were not armed.”

Soldiers and police then attempted to block any investigation into the deaths, according to the ACF’s  report.