Tamil Diplomat

Action should be taken to form the Government in the Easter Provincial Council – R. Thurairatnam

Constructive and immediate action should be taken with the concurrence of other parties, for Tamil National Alliance to form the Government in the Eastern C , said R.Thurairatnam, a member of the Eastern Provincial Council.

 He replied so when he was asked as to what sort of action is to be taken in the conjuncture of the change of government at the Centre.

Clarifying further he said, there are 40% of Tamils,37% of Muslims and 23% of Sinhalese  living in the Easter Province and hence, the Council should act with consensus of  all three races.

Although the decisions taken steadfastly and clearly during the period of struggles in the past, were correct, policy wise, nobody could forget or deny that while the Tamil Society had benefited  in some matters, it had met with several  setbacks, in the conjuncture of projects being were undertaken unilaterally, by the Central and Provincial rulers, refusing matters like Education, Local Government, Agriculture, Law and Order, Finance Appointments, general development programs, and devolution of power. If this situation continues even now also, then, all should keep in mind, that the very existence of the Tamil People of the Eastern Province will become a question mark.

To compensate this situation, the Tamil National Alliance should take forward an action plan, with regard to the devolution of power, while taking immediate action to take the power of the Eastern Provincial Council in its hand. Every minute these actions are delayed Tamils will be subjected to losses every minute.

In the past, the call of our Leader to the Muslim Congress to form an alliance was not answered favourably.

The Tamil National Alliance should utilize the advantage of the change of power in the Centre, and endeavour to institute a change of Government in the Eastern Province.

 On the basis of proportional representation and the number of our Provincial Council members, a ruling system should be instituted, which could form unity among the races.